Sunday, 11 October 2015


The way crime and punishment is dealt in this county is intolerable. In the developed countries where they have much efficient law enforcement agencies; they don’t give this kind of umbrella to such a large population. Juvenile justice system waivers a minor to the adult court when it is clear that the crime is committed with an adult competence level.
Waiver means transferring legal jurisdiction over the most serious and experienced juvenile offenders to the adult court for criminal procedure.
But historically, India is a country that lives in a state of denial, be it about its sociological system or political system, or judicial system.
I can’t change every aspect of madness. I am not into law and law-making. I just know one thing that there are crimes which are too big to be seen from point of view of age. Some of the crimes are so big that they can’t even be overlooked with the clause of mental illness. A society needs to know when to forgive but it also needs to know when to punish.
~ Rudransh Kashyap.
Chapter- 7.1 Road to Trials

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