Monday, 3 August 2015

My conversation with Shiva- The Almighty

These were days of pure panic and anguish. I had bleed on paper to write my book #IAm16ICanRape. 

I was working day and night to market the book but now I was losing patience. I didn't know if what I was doing was right or not. Things were so bad that I used to see women walking on roads and used to think, "Hey girl, why are you not reading my book? It is an important book. It will change your vocabulary about the crime called rape. As a woman it is critical that you give the book a read." 

I am not kidding. Things were that bad. I felt desperate and irritable all the time. 

One day I sat in meditation, and this is what I heard in my mind's ears. I loved the words so much that I put them here in this blog:

(The I in the following lines is the voice of my Almighty, I call Shiva. It's a name I have given to my consciousness that I feel connects me to universal consciousness) 

You have given the best you could give to this universe in the form of this book. Now, it is His time, my time, to return your due. Trust me; He, I, hate to sleep with debt on My head. 

Your book is going to be a medium for you to connect with lot of people. People have suffered the ill-fate of rape. These people are angry and upset and they are going to come back to you and say thanks, good work. It takes something from a writer to cry and laugh for people who don’t exist in real world. But I know you have done it. I don’t see any reason why you should feel anxious the way you do. Have that word called faith in the system, I don’t want you to trust any human system, they are flawed. But have faith in the natural systems. Don’t you think that nature knows things better than you do?

The most courageous act of a human life is the acknowledgment of the fact that you are where you are exactly because you did what you did, good and bad, it is lot of math. 

Every single action you take every day adds to your good or your bad Karma. There is pure math involved in things. I like people who pursue their career with utmost sincerity. I do have lot of respect for Karma-Yogi. You are a Karma-Yogi. Do not doubt for a minute that I am not with you. I am with you every single second of life.

It’s not your wish, it’s My wish that this story should reach to the people of your time. This story didn’t come to you, I brought this story to you. If you have been aware of the process at all, you have sensed how closely I monitored every aspect of your story. Do you really think that the story is the product of your mind? It is the product of My mind. 

Do you think I didn’t feel angst when that 23 years old girl got raped? I am as helpless as Rudransh is in your story. I am Almighty, but I can’t temper with the free will of people. All I can do is to help people bring more awareness in this world. You are working hard to bring that awareness. Trust me, I am with you helping you on your way. When you will feel that on this road, you can see only one trail of footprints, those are the moments when I have picked you up. 

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