Monday, 13 July 2015

chapter- 9.2 Mrigank

But before I start, I will have to give you a very brief introduction to psychology. Our mind has three levels of consciousness. First is the conscious mind, where we are totally aware of what happens. Second is the preconscious mind, where we have information but we don’t register it moment by moment. For example, right now there is a background noise of an air-conditioner. Our mind registers it at the preconscious level, but we are not aware that it is registering it. Third is the unconscious mind, where we ourselves are not aware of what is there. Repressed memories, dreams, fantasies… everything makes up the unconscious level,” Meghana says.
“Okay, where do we reach this?” Bharati asks the question which I am sure circles in most of the heads who are watching this program.

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