Friday, 15 May 2015


Just as there are dichotomies in other things in natural world, in MBTI personality assessment, there are polar opposites that in combination make a personality. There are feminine and masculine energy to these qualities.
  • Extroversion is masculine; Introversion is feminine
  • Sensation is masculine; Intuition is feminine
  • Thinking is masculine; Feeling is feminine
  • Judging is masculine; Perceiving is feminine

In combination these 4 traits makes a total of 16 different types of personalities.
Going by simple Maths:
  • 1/16 people have four masculine traits and zero feminine trait
  • 4/16 people have three masculine traits and one feminine trait
  • 6/16 people have two masculine traits and two feminine traits
  • 4/16 people have one masculine trait and three feminine traits
  • 1/16 people have zero masculine trait and four feminine traits

For society, it is convenient to accept a man with masculine energy and a woman with feminine energy. But when a man has strong feminine energy or when a woman has strong masculine energy, they find it particularly difficult to blend in with people of the same gender playing the stereotypical roles. They also find it difficult to blend in with society at large.

The ability to recognize and feel emotions is one of the fundamental human qualities. I have no idea at what point in evolution people started undermining emotions. As a matter of fact, if you see MBTI- there are feminine traits and there are masculine traits. As a society, we have been taught to overvalue masculine traits and undervalue feminine traits-
  • Introversion (F) Vs Extroversion (M) - Extroversion is valued
  • Intuition (F) Vs Sensation (M) - Sensation is valued
  • Feeling (F) Vs Thinking (M) - Thinking is valued
  • Perception (F) Vs Judgment (M) - Judgment is valued

The New Age world will demand more-
  • Introversion
  • Intuition
  • Feeling
  • Perception

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