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Hero's Journey taught to a Physics Genius by a brilliant Jungian Psychoanalyst

A Brilliant psychoanalyst Samvedana Rao explains the Hero's Journey to a Physics Genius Rudransh Kashyap From book #IAm16ICanRape 

The journey starts with-
1- Ordinary world- In which seeker seems to be living happily in his world. He looks and seems content to unobservant eyes, but when you look deeper you feel that there is this something missing in his life that he badly craves.
2- Call to adventure- He makes his first move. He does something drastic to start his journey.
3- Refusal of the call- He makes his move but he is not ready to leave his ordinary world and he resists departure from his ordinary world. He makes a desperate attempt to stay in his ordinary world and not to go to this other world where he needs to go for his journey.
4- Crossing the first threshold- Here, he passes a major hurdle and enters in the other world.
5- Supernatural Aid- He meets a mentor; he receives some kind of aid or information that helps him in his journey.
6- Belly of the whale- This is where he cuts his metaphysical umbilical cord with his ordinary world. He is forced out of his ordinary world forever. Now, he is forced to conquer this other world or he dies. Understand, here by dying I don’t mean physical death, but I mean death on this particular journey. He doesn’t get what he has set out to find. Are you on the page?”
“I don’t know which page, but yes, on some page, don’t worry, go on.” I say.
“Now, there are two opposite energies,
Masculine and Feminine,
Both these energies exist inside as well as outside the seeker.
·         Masculine energy exerts power at the physical, professional, and creational levels of experiences. A person needs masculine energy to prosper in these areas.
·         Feminine energy exerts power at the emotional, social, and spiritual levels of experiences. A person needs feminine energy to prosper in these areas.” She takes a pause.
“Are you following me?” she asks.
“So far so good.” I answer.
“Now, both these energies exert the force on this seeker,
·         When they bring him close to his journey, I will call the force positive (+)
·         When the energy takes him away from his journey I will call it negative (-)
Negative and positive are not virtues or vile but values, being physics guy, this part you understand well, right?” she asks.
“Yes, you have no idea how happy I am to hear words like positive and negative values, I am making graph in my head, go ahead.” I smile at her.
She smiles back and continues,
“I will call,
1- Inside feminine energy- woman
2- Inside masculine energy- man
3- Outside feminine energy- Goddess or mother
4- Outside masculine energy- God or father
Ok?” she asks.
“You can call anything, anything, as long as it makes sense.” I answer honestly. 
“Next stage is-
7- Road to Trial- Here the seeker will use his inside masculine energy. But, he will use masculine energy in such a way that rather than going ahead on his journey, he will go backward, making his masculine energy negative masculine energy.
8- Meeting the Goddess- But, an outside positive feminine energy, mother, will bring him back to his journey
9- Women as Temptress- Here the seeker will use his inside feminine energy but again, he will use it in such a way that he will go away from his goal, thus… come on, answer me, he is using which kind of feminine energy?”
She asks me questions to sustain my interest. She is a good teacher.
“It is negative feminine energy.” I pretend to feels a sense of achievement. I laugh at myself in my mind. Am I reacting to my own mind? Is this intuition?
“Perfect. Now comes the 10th stage, it is very important because the seeker has made this whole journey in many ways to reach to this stage. Have I lost you?” she asks.
I still think about intuition.
“This is not my subject of expertise. So I can’t comment but you have my undivided attention. Go ahead.” I am back in session.
“Now, we reach to stage 10,
10-Atonement with father- Here the seeker faces the outside positive masculine energy, father. A fight takes place between this father and the seeker.”
Now there are 2 possibilities that result from this fight.
1- The seeker wins the battle to father
2- The seeker loses the battle to father
So far so good?” she questions again.
“Yes.” I answer.
“And then comes stage 11,
11-    Apotheosis- Seeker has fought his most fierce battle with the father, now there are two possibilities,
1- He wins and find that he is the ultimate masculine positive energy, he is the father, he becomes the “one”; in other words he realizes his ultimate potential
2- He dies a metaphysical death and takes a rebirth
12-    Ultimate boon- Here the seeker finds what he left his ordinary world to find.” She finishes.

I don’t react immediately. She has given me lot of information. Matter of fact, more information that I, Rudransh Kashyap, can process!

Chapter 6.5- Belly of the whale- part 2
Excerpt from book #IAm16ICanRape

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