Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Aarush Kashyap From Book #IAm16ICanRape

When I use the word stupid, I mean a person who is an emotional fool. When I use the word idiot, I mean a person who is low in intelligence. I use a self-invented word, stupidiot, for a person who is both stupid and an idiot. Most of the mortals are stupidiots. In contrast, I am smart and intelligent.

What are my moral standards?
What moral standards are we talking about?
Social norms and laws are the most stupid things. They keep changing every 50 years if not faster, and change as in a 180 degree change. Therefore, I don’t believe in following them. Imagine, I am 62 years old and I come to know what I considered moral was nothing but a regressive standard. What am I supposed to do then? I will not get my life back. I am already 62. I am already dying. I don’t believe in stupid norms that have no consistency.
Conventional wisdom can be an instrument for examining the world; and, like any humanly devised instrument, it can malfunction. Like a faulty microscope or telescope, it can persuade us of things that are not true.

What is my personal premise?
Every experience no matter how good or bad teaches tons and tons of things. Most people are not capable enough to grasp what the experience has taught them because of their limited intelligence.

What is my ambition?
To be the most advanced version of Aarush Kashyap.

What is my frustration?
Sometimes, the stupid question comes in my head,“Am I normal?” Then I get frustrated that I have started thinking like other idiots around me.

What is my attitude towards life?
Life is interesting but can always be made more interesting

Free Association- my favorite game- what is the first thing that comes in my head when I hear.
·         Self- Too good to be true
·         Life- Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all
·         Others- Mere mortals
·         Friendship- For stupid people
·         Love- I don’t understand it
·         Family- Bunch of idiots forced to live together
·         Marriage- What the fuck!...for suicidal stupid people
·         Country- Arbitrary geographical boundary created by idiotic people
·         The world- Big Bang
·         Religion- For the stupidest people

What do I want to write on my tombstone?
I think about death all the time. Not that I will have a tombstone. I am a Hindu and I will be burnt to ashes. But hypothetically if I have a tombstone it will read: Here rests the man who could not be stopped…

Which photo best captures everything about me?
I wanted a wall-size picture of myself on my bedroom wall. Bob hires an “A” list film magazine photographer from Mumbai for my photo shot. That guy does a great job. I love what I see in the final image. I seem to be thinking some deep, sage-like thoughts. No fuckhead in the world has any idea what I actually think about. I love this thing about myself, I can hide things in plain daylight, and no one can find them! 

How would I react to-
·         Inheriting $1 million. Already have it
·         A natural disaster. Natural disasters are the Almighty’s way to tell men to shut up. Natural disasters are designed to let stupid and idiotic people die. Smart and intelligent people will find their way.
·         Being fired. I will never be in a job, jobs are for idiotic and incompetent people
·         Meeting an old friend or enemy I have not seen for years. I will pretend that am very happy. I will make him feel like king or queen, but honestly, I won’t feel anything.
·         A blind date. Trust me, my blind dates end up “quite” interestingly. I look forward to the next one.
·         A serious illness such as AIDS or cancer. I will fight with all my power to survive and I will survive, I believe I can control my body using my mind.
·         Begin rapped/ mugged/ violated in some way. I don’t want to answer to this question. Actually, I will kill anyone who dares to touch Aarush Kashyap without his will and consent.
·         Five minutes on national TV. TV is for stupidiots, so why would Aarush Kashyap be on TV? I don’t cater to stupidiots.

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