Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Indian Women should STOP paying Taxes if Govt Cannot Protect Us

I was browsing some information today and I came across a newspaper article about the Juvenile Rapist in the Nirbhaya Gang Rape case in Delhi. That rapist was given a term of 27 months in Sep 2013 and that means, he would be walking free in Dec 2015 -- Another 6 months to go.

Was this an isolated case in the country ? NO, IT WAS NOT !! This raised an extremely disturbing thought in my mind. I do not feel safe for myself, any women in my family, any women in my friends group or the random girl who is crossing the road as I am watching outside the window right now.

How many girls are raped every month in this country ?? I do not even feel that I have to give any statistics about this. Show me one week of newspaper articles when some or the other rape incident has not been reported. Statistically, this is just 20% of the actual cases that happen in this country.

And to add to this, only 24% of the total rape accused get convicted. So when I understand the statistics here, the probability that a rapist will walk free is a staggering 95.2% because either he will not be reported or even if he is reported, he will not be convicted. Even if in the best case scenario, the accused is convicted, he or his parents will produce a juvenile certificate. This seems to be the fashion these days. The rapist walks free in 2 years even if the rape was as brutal as in the Delhi Gang Rape case which led to the victim's death. Is this the worth of a women's life in this country ?

Why is the govt not taking any decisive steps for such a prevalent crime in this country ? Well, the answer is quite logical -- It costs them less money to react to the crime and put the victim through the circus of the stupid legal system. As compared to this, if the government has to proactively invest on preventive measures, it will cost a LOT more money !! Eventually, it is all about money.

The most shocking proof of this attitude in the government was the following decision on Feb 24, 2015 where Maneka Gandhi had proposed for getting 660 "Rape Crisis Centre" in India and the government approved just 36 of these -- one in each state capital and each Union Territory. Look at the news article below which was published in The Telegraph.

These guys do not want to help the victims because it costs them money !! This is not why, as a citizen of this country, we pay taxes. The total budget to build all these centres would have costed 244.48 crores but the approval was done for 18 crores only. This proves that the only reason why the govt would not help the rape victims is because it causes them money !!

So, at this stage I am convinced that unless the cost of not opening the rape crisis centre is much larger than the cost of opening, the government would never really prioritise the safety of the women in this country. What if all the tax paying INDIAN WOMEN STOP PAYING INCOME TAXES starting this year. Obviously, the government is not interested in helping the women of this country. Why not make it hurt their pockets ??

Little bit of statistics on how strongly this message would get conveyed. Approximate total revenue coming from Income taxes in 5 years (2010-2015) was around Rs. 30331 Billion. This makes it around Rs 6066 Billion per year. Even if pessimistically speaking, women were contributing just 5% of this total tax revenue, which obviously is a huge underestimate, the government would have to suffer a LOSS of over 300 Billion Indian Rupees. This would be around 122.7 times the cost which government was not ready to pay for the victims. If they understand money, let us talk in the terms of money. 

Friday, 15 May 2015


Just as there are dichotomies in other things in natural world, in MBTI personality assessment, there are polar opposites that in combination make a personality. There are feminine and masculine energy to these qualities.
  • Extroversion is masculine; Introversion is feminine
  • Sensation is masculine; Intuition is feminine
  • Thinking is masculine; Feeling is feminine
  • Judging is masculine; Perceiving is feminine

In combination these 4 traits makes a total of 16 different types of personalities.
Going by simple Maths:
  • 1/16 people have four masculine traits and zero feminine trait
  • 4/16 people have three masculine traits and one feminine trait
  • 6/16 people have two masculine traits and two feminine traits
  • 4/16 people have one masculine trait and three feminine traits
  • 1/16 people have zero masculine trait and four feminine traits

For society, it is convenient to accept a man with masculine energy and a woman with feminine energy. But when a man has strong feminine energy or when a woman has strong masculine energy, they find it particularly difficult to blend in with people of the same gender playing the stereotypical roles. They also find it difficult to blend in with society at large.

The ability to recognize and feel emotions is one of the fundamental human qualities. I have no idea at what point in evolution people started undermining emotions. As a matter of fact, if you see MBTI- there are feminine traits and there are masculine traits. As a society, we have been taught to overvalue masculine traits and undervalue feminine traits-
  • Introversion (F) Vs Extroversion (M) - Extroversion is valued
  • Intuition (F) Vs Sensation (M) - Sensation is valued
  • Feeling (F) Vs Thinking (M) - Thinking is valued
  • Perception (F) Vs Judgment (M) - Judgment is valued

The New Age world will demand more-
  • Introversion
  • Intuition
  • Feeling
  • Perception

Thursday, 14 May 2015

#IAm16ICanRape- India AGAINST Rape Culture

#IAm16ICanRape is a psychological thriller that questions the Juvenile Justice System of India and raises opinion AGAINST growing Rape Culture. 

The Readers of this book are-
  • Women, who care to bring a change in society. Women who have dared to go out in the world to make their marks.
  • Men who take a stand for the women in their lives and whose hearts bleed with concern when they see how women around them can be potentially abused.
Here is the link of the Facebook page of the book,
#IAm16ICanRape- Facebook Page

Here is the link of the video trailer of the book,

#IAm16ICanRape- Video Trailer

Kindly drop a message at Kirtida Gautam Facebook Page if you are interested to know more updates about the book.

Book Blurb 
To destroy great EVIL, GOOD has to shed tears of blood. 

Rudransh Kashyap is a self-made billionaire and man of high moral fiber. His life is shattered when he returns home one day to find that his prodigy, his 16-year-old grandson, Aarush, has been arrested and accused of a brutal gang rape. It is easy to say, “Kill the Rapist” but what if the accused is your child? 

This case takes an unprecedented turn when Aarush’s identity is made public on social media. Rudransh finds himself living a nightmare as he fights against tremendous odds to get justice for Aarush, to save him and to bring him back home… But what if the unthinkable is true? Can Rudransh save his grandson, or will he end up fighting a different battle altogether?

Neil D' Silva the brilliant author of widely acclaimed novel Maya's New Husband says, 
"#IAm16ICanRape can be a game-changer in days to come."

#IAm16ICanRape is available on Amazon and Flipkart
#IAm16ICanRape- Amazon.in
#IAm16ICanRape- Amazon.com
#IAm16ICanRape- Flipkart.com


As human beings we experience life at 6 levels,
  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Professional
  4. Social
  5. Creational
  6. Spiritual

There are emotions that dominate these levels of experiences.
  1. Physical world- Fear and Wonder
  2. Emotional World- Disgust and Joy (This is the epicentre of all emotions, but primarily dominated by these two emotions)
  3. Professional World- Anger and Courage
  4. Social World- Sadness and Love

The 5th and 6th levels, creational and spiritual levels, are advanced levels in which emotions don’t play a role. Each emotion has its own functional utility.
There is role division between feminine and masculine energies in who will teach the child which emotion. In other words, the work is divided between mother and father to teach the child certain emotions.
  • It is the role of the masculine/ father to instill the emotions we generally call negative (-). By negative I don’t mean that they are bad. I say the word negative because the system tries to avoid these emotions. These emotions are fear, disgust, anger, sadness.
  • It is role of the feminine/ mother to supply the emotions we generally call positive (+). By positive I don’t mean they are good. I say the word positive because the system wants these emotions. These emotions are wonder, joy, courage, love.

None of these emotions are bad or good. They are present in the system to provide functional utility. Most people overvalue the role of positive emotions in life, so I will go explain the value of negative emotions in detail.
  • Fear aids in survival and assessment of danger
  • Disgust aids in understanding boundaries. For example, a person is not supposed to sleep with his mother or sister because it is disgusting.
  • Anger aids in dominating the space for oneself in the outside masculine world
  • Sadness aids in understanding the concept of loss.

 Now, as a society, we encourage our girls to feel the full range of emotions, including negative emotions. But we dissuade our boys from feeling all the emotions. If a boy gets scared and shows that he is scared, he will be called a sissy.
What we consciously suppress, we unconsciously crave. A boy, just like a girl, craves to feel the fear, disgust, anger, and sadness. And this craving forces them to put themselves in situations that can harm their own selves or other people around you. As a society, we need to reach to an understanding that it is equally important for a boy to feel his full range of emotion as it is important for a girl!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


There are two roles that parents play in life of a child-

  1. The role of a Mother- provide care and nurturing
  2. The role of a Father- provide food and protection
Every child needs ‘unconditional’ love of mother to grow, but at the same time every child also needs the ‘conditional’ love of father to live a disciplined life.
‘Discipline is a way to reduce life’s suffering.’ It is the role of father to discipline the child to protect the child from the outside world and from himself. E.g. If the child picks up a knife, it is role of a father to snatch it away from him and scold him so the child doesn't repeat this mistake again so that the child doesn't hurt himself or others.

In each of these roles a parent can fail in two possible ways,

  1. Abuse, when s/he gives something in excess
  2. Neglect, when s/he falls short in giving something
And therefore there can be four situations in which a child can be failed by one or both of his parents-

  1. Abuse by mother- excess love and care, enmeshment
  2. Abuse by father- excess discipline and/or excess providing
  3. Neglect by mother- lack of love and care
  4. Neglect by father- lack of disciplining and/or lack of providing
In parenting role, father has to be thoroughly in command, and his children must know what is expected of him/her and that he/she must obey and meet father’s expectations. When he/she doesn't, father as parent should not make a scene; rather, there should be a low-key clarification about who is in charge, what to expect, and what the inevitable consequences of their continued disobedience will be. Children are in awe of this sort of command. They crave that command.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Aarush Kashyap From Book #IAm16ICanRape

When I use the word stupid, I mean a person who is an emotional fool. When I use the word idiot, I mean a person who is low in intelligence. I use a self-invented word, stupidiot, for a person who is both stupid and an idiot. Most of the mortals are stupidiots. In contrast, I am smart and intelligent.

What are my moral standards?
What moral standards are we talking about?
Social norms and laws are the most stupid things. They keep changing every 50 years if not faster, and change as in a 180 degree change. Therefore, I don’t believe in following them. Imagine, I am 62 years old and I come to know what I considered moral was nothing but a regressive standard. What am I supposed to do then? I will not get my life back. I am already 62. I am already dying. I don’t believe in stupid norms that have no consistency.
Conventional wisdom can be an instrument for examining the world; and, like any humanly devised instrument, it can malfunction. Like a faulty microscope or telescope, it can persuade us of things that are not true.

What is my personal premise?
Every experience no matter how good or bad teaches tons and tons of things. Most people are not capable enough to grasp what the experience has taught them because of their limited intelligence.

What is my ambition?
To be the most advanced version of Aarush Kashyap.

What is my frustration?
Sometimes, the stupid question comes in my head,“Am I normal?” Then I get frustrated that I have started thinking like other idiots around me.

What is my attitude towards life?
Life is interesting but can always be made more interesting

Free Association- my favorite game- what is the first thing that comes in my head when I hear.
·         Self- Too good to be true
·         Life- Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all
·         Others- Mere mortals
·         Friendship- For stupid people
·         Love- I don’t understand it
·         Family- Bunch of idiots forced to live together
·         Marriage- What the fuck!...for suicidal stupid people
·         Country- Arbitrary geographical boundary created by idiotic people
·         The world- Big Bang
·         Religion- For the stupidest people

What do I want to write on my tombstone?
I think about death all the time. Not that I will have a tombstone. I am a Hindu and I will be burnt to ashes. But hypothetically if I have a tombstone it will read: Here rests the man who could not be stopped…

Which photo best captures everything about me?
I wanted a wall-size picture of myself on my bedroom wall. Bob hires an “A” list film magazine photographer from Mumbai for my photo shot. That guy does a great job. I love what I see in the final image. I seem to be thinking some deep, sage-like thoughts. No fuckhead in the world has any idea what I actually think about. I love this thing about myself, I can hide things in plain daylight, and no one can find them! 

How would I react to-
·         Inheriting $1 million. Already have it
·         A natural disaster. Natural disasters are the Almighty’s way to tell men to shut up. Natural disasters are designed to let stupid and idiotic people die. Smart and intelligent people will find their way.
·         Being fired. I will never be in a job, jobs are for idiotic and incompetent people
·         Meeting an old friend or enemy I have not seen for years. I will pretend that am very happy. I will make him feel like king or queen, but honestly, I won’t feel anything.
·         A blind date. Trust me, my blind dates end up “quite” interestingly. I look forward to the next one.
·         A serious illness such as AIDS or cancer. I will fight with all my power to survive and I will survive, I believe I can control my body using my mind.
·         Begin rapped/ mugged/ violated in some way. I don’t want to answer to this question. Actually, I will kill anyone who dares to touch Aarush Kashyap without his will and consent.
·         Five minutes on national TV. TV is for stupidiots, so why would Aarush Kashyap be on TV? I don’t cater to stupidiots.

Feminine Intelligence is in Tune with Emotions

Feminine Intelligence
There are two distinct sides of personality,
1-      Persona, the side of personality we project to the world
2-      Shadow, the side of personality we hide from the world, sometimes even from our own selves
The shadow has a utilitarian function in the system.
Feminine energy has an acute assessment of risk thanks to her being in tune with her emotions, especially fear. She has very strong survival instincts. The person that has feminine shadow will have a highly defined sense of his/her boundaries. If a person intrudes past his/her boundaries, s/he cannot tolerate it.
“You assign a masculine quality to Aarush’s intelligence. But his intelligence is feminine in nature.”
“Feminine intelligence?” I ask, almost shocked. I had no idea that intelligence had genders. 
I tried to understand what she meant, but I was clueless. 
“Yes, he possesses feminine intelligence. You postulated that his intelligence is masculine because of his competence in Maths and Physics. Here again, he reaches the same destination as you, but he takes a different route. Where you see numbers, he sees patterns,” she answers.
“Did I make him like this?” I ask in disbelief.
“Social sciences have been making a grave mistake in overvaluing nurture over nature for a long time. The reason is humans don’t want to accept how little control they exert over their environment. Do you remember before Nicolaus Copernicus, physicists postulated that the Earth was the center of the universe? Behavioral sciences are still there in their understanding of the human mind. They spend all their energy in denying why we are what we are. We are not ready to accept that homosapiens, the most intelligent animal on this planet, is still an animal. An animal bound by the laws of natural world.” She looks at me.
This part of the conversation I am able to understand word by word.
“Did you decide the biological gender Aarush would be born with? Did you decide his facial features? Did you decide his IQ? Similarly, you did not select the shadow Aarush was born with,” she adds.
Again, I know she is right.
“The problem is not that you don’t know your child. The problem is that humans don’t know their children. Our society has made little progress in understanding the world of children and still it claims too much knowledge.”
I like it when people make sense. Things must always make sense. Things made perfect sense in my world till a few months back.

Excerpt- Chapter 6.5 Belly of the Whale- part-2
Book- #IAm16ICanRape
Samvedana tells Rudransh that Aarush’s intelligence is Feminine in nature

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Dark Triad and Transactional Analysis

Excerpt from #IAm16ICanRape
Chapter- 5.3 Supernatural Aid
Conversation between Rudransh and Ananya

“What are you reading?” I ask. A general question
“It’s a book on psychology, an international best-seller, written by an Indian author. 
Transactional Analysis of the Dark Triad’ by Samvedana Rao,” she says.
“Whatever does that mean?” I ask.
“Dad, in psychology it is said that human beings don’t operate from one ego state,” she explains.
“What is an ego state?” I ask.
“It’s lot of technical stuff, but to understand it in simple terms, they are three different modes of behavior. So at any given time, a person can operate from either a child, or an adult, or a parent, ego state. It says that when a person interacts with another human, he operates from one of his ego states. Humans also change their ego state according to their situation. This study is called transactional analysis,” she says.
“And what is a dark triad?”
“The dark triad is a group of three personality traits: Machiavellianism, Narcissism and Psychopathy.
Use of the term "dark" implies that these traits have malevolent qualities.
·         Machiavellianism is characterized by manipulation and exploitation of others; a cynical disregard for morality, and a focus on self-interest and deception.
·         Narcissism is characterized by grandiosity; pride, egotism, and a lack of empathy.
·         Psychopathy is characterized by lack of emotional control; antisocial behavior, impulsivity, callousness and remorselessness”
“What this writer has done here is that she has associated the dark traits with ego states, one to one. In other words, the dark trait the person exhibits can be used to figure out which ego state is in operation while he commits his crime”
The dark triad and shadow:
1.      A child- Psychopath
2.      An adult- Narcissist
3.      A parent- Machiavellian

Monday, 4 May 2015

Hero's Journey taught to a Physics Genius by a brilliant Jungian Psychoanalyst

A Brilliant psychoanalyst Samvedana Rao explains the Hero's Journey to a Physics Genius Rudransh Kashyap From book #IAm16ICanRape 

The journey starts with-
1- Ordinary world- In which seeker seems to be living happily in his world. He looks and seems content to unobservant eyes, but when you look deeper you feel that there is this something missing in his life that he badly craves.
2- Call to adventure- He makes his first move. He does something drastic to start his journey.
3- Refusal of the call- He makes his move but he is not ready to leave his ordinary world and he resists departure from his ordinary world. He makes a desperate attempt to stay in his ordinary world and not to go to this other world where he needs to go for his journey.
4- Crossing the first threshold- Here, he passes a major hurdle and enters in the other world.
5- Supernatural Aid- He meets a mentor; he receives some kind of aid or information that helps him in his journey.
6- Belly of the whale- This is where he cuts his metaphysical umbilical cord with his ordinary world. He is forced out of his ordinary world forever. Now, he is forced to conquer this other world or he dies. Understand, here by dying I don’t mean physical death, but I mean death on this particular journey. He doesn’t get what he has set out to find. Are you on the page?”
“I don’t know which page, but yes, on some page, don’t worry, go on.” I say.
“Now, there are two opposite energies,
Masculine and Feminine,
Both these energies exist inside as well as outside the seeker.
·         Masculine energy exerts power at the physical, professional, and creational levels of experiences. A person needs masculine energy to prosper in these areas.
·         Feminine energy exerts power at the emotional, social, and spiritual levels of experiences. A person needs feminine energy to prosper in these areas.” She takes a pause.
“Are you following me?” she asks.
“So far so good.” I answer.
“Now, both these energies exert the force on this seeker,
·         When they bring him close to his journey, I will call the force positive (+)
·         When the energy takes him away from his journey I will call it negative (-)
Negative and positive are not virtues or vile but values, being physics guy, this part you understand well, right?” she asks.
“Yes, you have no idea how happy I am to hear words like positive and negative values, I am making graph in my head, go ahead.” I smile at her.
She smiles back and continues,
“I will call,
1- Inside feminine energy- woman
2- Inside masculine energy- man
3- Outside feminine energy- Goddess or mother
4- Outside masculine energy- God or father
Ok?” she asks.
“You can call anything, anything, as long as it makes sense.” I answer honestly. 
“Next stage is-
7- Road to Trial- Here the seeker will use his inside masculine energy. But, he will use masculine energy in such a way that rather than going ahead on his journey, he will go backward, making his masculine energy negative masculine energy.
8- Meeting the Goddess- But, an outside positive feminine energy, mother, will bring him back to his journey
9- Women as Temptress- Here the seeker will use his inside feminine energy but again, he will use it in such a way that he will go away from his goal, thus… come on, answer me, he is using which kind of feminine energy?”
She asks me questions to sustain my interest. She is a good teacher.
“It is negative feminine energy.” I pretend to feels a sense of achievement. I laugh at myself in my mind. Am I reacting to my own mind? Is this intuition?
“Perfect. Now comes the 10th stage, it is very important because the seeker has made this whole journey in many ways to reach to this stage. Have I lost you?” she asks.
I still think about intuition.
“This is not my subject of expertise. So I can’t comment but you have my undivided attention. Go ahead.” I am back in session.
“Now, we reach to stage 10,
10-Atonement with father- Here the seeker faces the outside positive masculine energy, father. A fight takes place between this father and the seeker.”
Now there are 2 possibilities that result from this fight.
1- The seeker wins the battle to father
2- The seeker loses the battle to father
So far so good?” she questions again.
“Yes.” I answer.
“And then comes stage 11,
11-    Apotheosis- Seeker has fought his most fierce battle with the father, now there are two possibilities,
1- He wins and find that he is the ultimate masculine positive energy, he is the father, he becomes the “one”; in other words he realizes his ultimate potential
2- He dies a metaphysical death and takes a rebirth
12-    Ultimate boon- Here the seeker finds what he left his ordinary world to find.” She finishes.

I don’t react immediately. She has given me lot of information. Matter of fact, more information that I, Rudransh Kashyap, can process!

Chapter 6.5- Belly of the whale- part 2
Excerpt from book #IAm16ICanRape